The Art of the (Piano) Reduction – Part 2

Piano Reduction – noun – ‘A musical score having the parts condensed or simplified…  {in two staves???} to render the music playable on the piano by one person.’ – Following my last post, I received an overwhelming response from composers emailing me to ask about specific voicings and scenarios that may fall outside of the common SATB voicing. So, I figured I would offer a second post that addresses some of these scenarios. A Review: Six Rules for […]Read Post ›

The Art of the (Piano) Reduction

Piano Reduction – noun – ‘A musical score having the parts condensed or simplified in two staves,  to render the music playable on the piano by one person.’ – Ha. Hahahaahaaahah. Ha.  ….   Clearly, whoever wrote this definition has never seen most piano reductions. Today, we explore two major problems around the “reduction” occurring in most choral and orchestral music today: This definition – particularly the part declaring that a reduction should ‘render the music playable on the […]Read Post ›